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South American Bar Restaurant

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"Iguazu falls, where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet"

Power, wonder, energy, life, joy, limitless or else, the spirit of Iguazu falls- one of the new 7 Natural Wonders of the World. A majestic scenery that made Eleanor Roosevelt say: “Poor Niagara”, and gave the perfect tropic wild atmosphere to movies like Mr. Magoo, Indiana Jones, Miami Vice and Black Panther. That is what inspired us to create bold, fresh, strong and unexpected flavors to travel and transfer the imagination to the thick forests of the jungle and the breath stopping waterfall sunsets of Iguazu.

Summer Collage
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Experience Iguazu from brunch to Dinner Nightly performances from our Dj with live sessions

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Brazilian sushi

More than 100 years have passed since, after 3 months of sailing, 165 families from the Far East landed in Sao Paulo, bringing for the first time in a South American country, the most sacred ritual of Japanese cuisine: sushi. The culinary art of the Rising Sun has entered Brazilian kitchens and has infiltrated style and flavors. In our cuisine, the delicacy of the unique flavors of Japan meets the colors and passion of Brazil to create an explosion of taste. The pleasant play of contrasts combined with the freshness of the ingredients is what makes the Iguazu Athens sushi menu innovative and inimitable. High-quality raw materials are processed on the spot by the skilled hands of our chef Robert Noel Christian to create sensational dishes. Brazilian sushi is a fusion thing, which brings together the raw fresh fish we all love with typical Brazilian tastes. 

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Noche Tropical

Revel in all your favourite elements of Iguazu until 3am with performances from our house bands and resident DJs, table bottle service, late-night dining . It’s time to let your hair down and dance into the early hours – tropical style.


MONDAY - SUNDAY 08:00 AM - 03:00 AM



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